explain to me in point form exactly how assignment of contract works. I am a wholesaler who connects home sellers to cash buyers. When a purchase contract is signed between me and the seller, I then assign that contract to the cash buyer. When the cash buyer accepts, I then involve the title company. Give me complete bullet points of the entire process from A to Z. Give me 50 bullet points with an explanation for each. Write the bullet points in the order in which the actions will be executed.


Certainly, here’s a detailed breakdown of the assignment of contract process in the context of wholesale real estate:

  1. Market Analysis: Begin by researching the real estate market to find underpriced or motivated seller properties.

  2. Build a Network: Create a network of potential cash buyers who are looking for investment opportunities.

  3. Marketing for Sellers: Use marketing strategies to attract home sellers, like direct mail, online ads, or bandit signs.

  4. First Contact: When a seller responds, make the first contact to assess motivation and potential for a deal.

  5. Property Evaluation: Visit the property to evaluate its condition, market value, and potential repair costs.

  6. Negotiate with Seller: Engage in negotiation with the seller to agree on a price and terms that leave room for your wholesale fee.

  7. Intent to Purchase: Draft a letter of intent to outline the preliminary terms of the purchase.

  8. Purchase Contract: Prepare a purchase and sale agreement with a clause allowing for the assignment of the contract.

  9. Earnest Money: Decide on an earnest money deposit to secure the agreement, typically held in escrow.

  10. Contract Review: Review the contract thoroughly to ensure all terms are clear and correct.

  11. Signatures: Obtain signatures from the seller, making the contract legally binding.

  12. Contingencies: Include any necessary contingencies, like inspection or financing, to protect your interests.

  13. Title Company: Identify a title company or attorney who will close the transaction.

  14. Disclosure: Inform the seller that you’ll be assigning the contract to an end buyer.

  15. Assignment Clause: Ensure the contract has a clear assignment clause allowing for transfer to another buyer.

  16. Find Cash Buyer: Reach out to your network to find a cash buyer interested in the property.

  17. Assignment Agreement: Draft an assignment agreement, which the cash buyer will sign.

  18. Assignment Fee: Set the assignment fee, which is the profit you’ll make on the transaction.

  19. Transparency: Be transparent with the cash buyer about the condition of the property and your fee.

  20. Buyer’s Due Diligence: Allow the cash buyer time for due diligence, including property inspection.

  21. Adjustments: Negotiate any adjustments post-inspection if the buyer finds issues with the property.

  22. Finalize Assignment: Finalize the terms of the assignment agreement with the cash buyer.

  23. Escrow Instructions: Provide instructions to the escrow company regarding the assignment.

  24. Sign Assignment Agreement: Have both you and the cash buyer sign the assignment agreement.

  25. Collect Assignment Fee: Collect an assignment fee, either upfront or at the time of closing.

  26. Notify Title Company: Notify the title company or closing attorney of the assignment.

  27. Open Escrow: The title company opens escrow, and the cash buyer deposits earnest money.

  28. Clear Title: The title company works to ensure the title is clear of liens or disputes.

  29. Transaction Coordination: Coordinate between the seller, buyer, and title company to ensure all parties are informed.

  30. Closing Documents: Ensure all closing documents are prepared and accurate.

  31. Final Walkthrough: Arrange for the cash buyer to do a final walkthrough before closing.

  32. Closing Date: Confirm the closing date with all parties involved.

  33. HUD-1 Settlement Statement: Review the HUD-1 Settlement Statement for accuracy.

  34. Final Approval: Obtain final approval from the cash buyer on all terms and conditions.

  35. Closing Funds: Ensure the buyer has transferred the funds to the title company for closing.

  36. Seller’s Documents: Verify that the seller has provided all necessary documents for the sale.

  37. Buyer’s Documents: Ensure the cash buyer has completed all required paperwork.

  38. Closing Meeting: Attend the closing meeting to facilitate the transaction.

  39. Transfer of Funds: Oversee the transfer of funds from the buyer to the seller.

  40. Payment of Fees: Ensure all fees, including your assignment fee, are paid out from the closing funds.

  41. Recording of Deed: The title company records the deed transferring ownership to the cash buyer.

  42. Post-Closing: Confirm that the property transaction is fully recorded and finalized.

  43. Disbursements: Confirm disbursements are made to all parties correctly by the title company.

  44. Communicate with Seller: Communicate with the seller to confirm the transaction is complete and they have received their funds.

  45. Seller Satisfaction: Ensure the seller is satisfied with the transaction to maintain a good reputation.

  46. Buyer Follow-Up: Follow up with the cash buyer to ensure they are satisfied with the purchase.

  47. Documentation: Keep a copy of all documents related to the transaction for your records.

  48. Reflect on the Process: After closing, reflect on what went well and what




could be improved for future transactions.

  1. Relationship Maintenance: Continue to maintain relationships with buyers and sellers for potential future deals.

  2. Review and Adapt Strategy: Review your process and adapt your strategy as needed to improve efficiency and profitability for future wholesale deals.


complete the sentence #48


  1. Reflect on the Process: After closing, reflect on what went well and what could be improved for future transactions to refine your approach and increase the efficiency and success of your wholesaling business.


give me this list in less than 3600 words


The detailed process of assigning a contract in wholesale real estate, from initial market analysis to post-closing reflection, can be articulated in concise bullet points:

  1. Market Analysis: Conduct thorough research to identify viable properties.
  2. Build Buyer Network: Cultivate a network of reliable cash buyers.
  3. Marketing to Sellers: Implement strategies to attract sellers.
  4. Initial Seller Contact: Assess seller’s situation and property potential.
  5. Property Evaluation: Personally inspect the property.
  6. Negotiation: Discuss terms with the seller for a profitable deal.
  7. Intent to Purchase: Draft a preliminary agreement outline.
  8. Purchase Contract: Create a detailed contract with an assignment clause.
  9. Earnest Money Deposit: Secure the contract with a deposit.
  10. Contract Review: Ensure all terms are clear and accurate.
  11. Obtain Signatures: Have the seller legally bind the agreement.
  12. Include Contingencies: Protect your interests with specific contingencies.
  13. Choose Title Company: Select a reputable company for closing.
  14. Seller Disclosure: Clarify your intent to assign the contract.
  15. Clear Assignment Clause: Guarantee the contract allows assignment.
  16. Identify Cash Buyer: Locate a buyer from your network.
  17. Draft Assignment Agreement: Prepare the document for buyer signature.
  18. Set Assignment Fee: Determine your profit for the transaction.
  19. Maintain Transparency: Disclose all property details and your fee.
  20. Buyer’s Due Diligence: Allow the buyer to inspect the property.
  21. Post-Inspection Negotiations: Adjust terms if necessary.
  22. Finalize Assignment Terms: Confirm the agreement with the buyer.
  23. Escrow Instructions: Provide clear instructions for the money transfer.
  24. Execute Assignment Agreement: Sign the document with the buyer.
  25. Collect Assignment Fee: Secure your fee from the transaction.
  26. Inform Title Company: Announce the contract assignment.
  27. Initiate Escrow: Have the buyer deposit earnest money.
  28. Title Clearance: Ensure the property title is unencumbered.
  29. Coordinate Transaction: Liaise among all parties.
  30. Prepare Closing Documents: Verify accuracy and completeness.
  31. Arrange Final Walkthrough: Let the buyer inspect pre-closing.
  32. Confirm Closing Date: Align all parties on the final date.
  33. Review Settlement Statement: Check the HUD-1 for correctness.
  34. Acquire Final Approval: Get the buyer’s last confirmation.
  35. Secure Closing Funds: Confirm buyer’s payment to the title company.
  36. Collect Seller Documents: Gather all necessary paperwork from the seller.
  37. Ensure Buyer’s Paperwork: Check the buyer has completed all forms.
  38. Attend Closing: Facilitate the final transaction.
  39. Oversee Fund Transfer: Monitor the financial exchange.
  40. Pay All Fees: Allocate funds for fees, including yours.
  41. Deed Recording: Ensure the title transfer is officially recorded.
  42. Post-Closing Confirmation: Verify the deal’s completion.
  43. Confirm Disbursements: Ensure correct fund distribution.
  44. Seller Communication: Confirm with the seller that they are satisfied.
  45. Buyer Satisfaction: Ensure the buyer is content with their purchase.
  46. Document Retention: Keep records of all transaction-related documents.
  47. Post-Transaction Reflection: Assess the process for learning.
  48. Maintain Relationships: Keep in touch with buyers and sellers.
  49. Strategy Review: Evaluate and adjust your approach for improvement.
  50. Adapt for Future Growth: Continuously improve to boost future success.


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