I have a real estate meetup where the topic is going to be "In-Person Class: Navigating Real Estate Partnerships for Maximum Success" – I am a beginner wholesaler. Can you suggest what kind of questions I can ask this escrow company when i get my first deal under contract?


Certainly! Navigating real estate partnerships, especially as a beginner wholesaler, requires a clear understanding of various aspects, including the role of an escrow company in your transactions. When you get your first deal under contract and engage with an escrow company, it’s important to ask questions that ensure clarity, transparency, and smooth handling of the deal. Here are some questions you can consider asking:

  1. Services Offered: What specific services do you provide as part of the escrow process in a real estate wholesale transaction?

  2. Experience with Wholesaling: Have you handled wholesale real estate transactions before? Can you explain your experience with assignments or double closings?

  3. Communication: How will you communicate with me and other parties involved in the transaction? What is your preferred method of communication for updates and inquiries?

  4. Timeline: What is the typical timeline for an escrow process in a wholesale deal? Are there any factors that could delay the closing?

  5. Fees and Charges: What are all the fees associated with the escrow service? Are there any additional charges that I should be aware of?

  6. Title Search and Insurance: How do you handle the title search, and what are the costs involved? Can you explain the importance of title insurance in wholesale deals?

  7. Handling Earnest Money Deposits: How do you manage earnest money deposits? What happens to the deposit if the deal falls through?

  8. Closing Process: Can you walk me through the closing process step-by-step for a wholesale deal?

  9. State-Specific Regulations: Are there any state-specific regulations or requirements in wholesaling that I should be aware of?

  10. Dispute Resolution: How do you handle disputes or issues that arise during the escrow process?

  11. Documentation and Paperwork: What documents will I need to provide, and what paperwork will you handle?

  12. Assignment Clauses: How do you manage assignment clauses in wholesale contracts? Are there any special considerations?

  13. Digital Transactions: Do you support digital signatures and online document management for remote transactions?

  14. Networking and Referrals: Can you refer other real estate professionals, like attorneys or agents, who are experienced in wholesaling?

  15. Best Practices and Advice: As a beginner in wholesaling, what best practices or advice can you offer for successful transactions?

Remember, the role of the escrow company is crucial in ensuring that the transaction proceeds smoothly and all legal and financial aspects are handled correctly. These questions will help you gain a better understanding of the process and establish a good working relationship with the escrow company.